Psychiatric Work Should Be Free Of Charge

You will have seen this in the movies. You will have seen this in your favorite TV dramas or local soapies. There is always that occasion where someone or another is in therapy as they say. Their therapist is seemingly a patient and willing clinical psychiatrist. And at any one time he or she is usually quite smartly dressed. The therapist’s office generally looks quite opulent as well. But not so those who are doing their time as psychiatric services atlanta consultants.

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This is the reality of the real environment. To be quite honest with you, there is no glamour in this profession. Indeed, there are those psychiatrists who are making an absolute mint from the unwitting public. But keeping their long-suffering patients in therapy for years; how’s that really helping. All that is really doing is lining the pockets of the most highly paid medical professionals within the health services industry.

You have to wonder though whether such behavior is professional. Nevertheless, high grossing psychiatrists are not alone in such stakes. You get those too. Take for instance plastic surgeons whose patients could quite possibly be better off receiving psychiatric treatment. There could be so many other examples. Not for nothing has Wednesdays been declared as a traditional golfing day for doctors at large.

Some of them might not even be playing golf as they say. Anyone for sex therapy? But you can forgive the subjective bitterness being expressed here, can’t you? Perhaps you can relate. But just so you know, such practitioners are not out of the woods nor are they bound to get off Scott-free. There is always the possibility of being sued for malpractice. But then again; there’s yet another dirty profession. The practice of law.