Behavioral Therapists’ Heavy Workloads

Behavioral therapists’ workloads have always been heavy, given the problems being reported to clinic. But perhaps it is true to suggest that behavioral therapists austin caseloads will have increased over the last few months. It could be a case of stating the obvious. Because after all, whose life hasn’t been altered since the first load of lockdown restrictions were hammered down in response to the rapid and high rate of COVID-related infections.

Talk about shock therapy. This was more like a shock to the system no doubt. At any rate, more and more people are being placed in positions that they could not have foreseen before. Here we are basically talking about able-bodied men and women of generally sound mind. But having been negatively impacted in different ways as a result of the COVID-influenced lockdowns, such people’s behavioral patterns may have been thrown out of kilter somewhat.

They have never seen anything like it before. They have certainly not experienced it. Certainly not in their lifetime. But they can be helped. Behavioral therapy does that. Coping mechanisms, new coping mechanisms at that, can be taught. It is not unrelated to what other people have been going through for a lot longer. There are similarities all along the way. The behavioral therapist, the longer she has been in, let’s just say, therapy, the more she may have seen.

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She has seen how people have been brought down owing to the stigma of living and dealing with HIV-aids. And now she is seeing people having been infected by the coronavirus. She has dealt with these people before, those who may have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. And how to pick themselves up now and recover, with or without the new job skills that may be required.